Nancy Rubins, Crocodylius Philodendrus, 2016–17 (detail) © Nancy Rubins. Photo: Brian Guido

Nancy Rubins in Sculpture in the City at various locations in London, United Kingdom.

On view June 27, 2018 through April 15, 2019.

Nancy Rubins’s Crocodylius Philodendrus (2016–17) will be featured in Sculpture in the City, an annual urban sculpture park set in London’s Square Mile. Clusters of animal forms are arranged in balanced compression and secured with tensile cables. “Tensegrity,” the term for the structural property that Rubins employs, galvanizes the bronze animals into purely formal, abstract components that propel into space due to their aggregate momentum. The work is from her series Diversifolia, which was first exhibited at Gagosian Britannia Street, London, earlier this year.


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