Gisèle Croës Presents - Treasures from the Chinese Past

Bronze Chimera, Bixie, Western Han Dynasty (206 BC–AD9), (h) 5 11/16 inches  (14.5 cm); Monumental stone head of Avalokitesvara, Northern Qi dynasty (550–577) to Sui dynasty (581–618), Shanxi province, (h) 39 inches (100 cm); Wrestling earthenware figures, Tang dynasty (618–907) beige earthenware, black and orange pigments, (h) 6 11/16 inches (17 cm); Bronze stand shaped as a reclining tiger, Spring and autumn period (770–481 BC), bronze with green brown patina, cuprite and malachite encrustation, (h) 3 1/8 inches (8 cm). All photos by Studio Roger Asselberghs - Frédéric Dehaen.

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Opening reception:
Tuesday, March 14, 5–7PM

Gagosian, in collaboration with Gisèle Croës Gallery, is pleased to present "Treasures from the Chinese Past" on the occasion of Asia Week New York. The exhibition will feature treasures from Ancient China that have been hand selected for the five day event, including a selection of some forty outstanding bronzes, considered the signature pieces of Gisèle Croës Gallery.

The highlight of the exhibition is a you wine vessel from the Western Zhou period (1050–221 BC), which features an 8-character inscription on the bottom. The provenance of this you is remarkably documented, as its successive owners are well-known figures including Pan Zuyin, a high-ranking Mandarin; C.T. Loo, a famous dealer at the beginning of the 20th century; and Edward T. Chow, a legendary collector-dealer of the post-war years, whose famous clients included King Gustav of Sweden.

Other spectacular pieces include a Jue vessel from the 12–11th century BC, boasting a prestigious provenance going back to 1948, a monumental Jian bronze from the Spring–Autumn period (770–481 BC), and a spectacular animal shaped Zun vessel from the Late Eastern Zhou dynasty (770–221 BC).

Beautiful pieces of Buddhist statuary will also be on view, including a breathtaking Northern Qi head (550–577), a Monumental stone head of Avalokitesvara from the Northern Qi dynasty (550–577) to Sui dynasty (581–618), and a sculpture representing Guanyin from the Song dynasty (960–1279). Scholar rocks and a remarkable ensemble of rootwood furniture with striking extravagant shapes from the 18th century are among additional treasures found in the exhibition.

As a visual counterpoint to the ancient objects offered by Gisèle Croës, Gagosian will present drawings by Richard Serra, and two lacquer works, including an Anish Kapoor sculpture and Roy Lichtenstein’s Screen with Brushstrokes (1986).

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